Session #3 – performances & art

Born Free, a live performance by Kieron Jina @ 11.30 & 12.30

Falling, a short film by Sethembile Msezane @ Mesh cinema room from 10.00

Photographs by Andrew Tshabangu of late South African jazz legend Zim Ngqawana @Upstairs at Mesh from 10.00

Performance Artist: Kieron Jina
Performance Title: Born Free, 2017
Materials: Bubble wrap painted red, lamp, suitcase, brazier, white dress, flour, projector and sound design
Duration: 15 minutes

‘Born Free’ is an element that feeds into Jina’s body of work, which is currently in process ‘queer bodies of colour as regal deities’. This particular performance piece is a ritual through repetition on birth, loss, absence and death. This performance pays homage to Jina’s late surrogate mother Dorothy and her unborn child. The absence of Dorothy is invoked with a collage of ritualistic performative actions and found objects. The objects are embedded with histories, trauma and beliefs. This performance embodies a deeply felt pain and empathy for letting go.

Kieron Jina was born in 1986 in Durban, South Africa and now lives in Johannesburg. Jina uses performance art, choreography, photography and video art to tell personal stories that, underpinned by activism, explore societal themes and challenge stereotypes in an effort to captivate, activate and alter audiences’ minds. Jina works in a rather multi-disciplinary and layered way. His current interests as an artist are exotics, eroticism and romanticism in relation to queer identity and sexuality. Jina completed his undergraduate degree at Wits school of arts, Johannesburg in 2009 and was awarded the Richard Haines Prize, certificates of first class achievement for Film and Television production and movement studies. He worked towards his Masters in Art at the same institution, graduating in 2011. Jina completed artistic residencies that lead to collaborative performance and art creations in the following spaces Brazil, Berlin, Basel, Austria, France, Reunion Island, Nigeria, Tanzania and South Korea. Jina is also the founder & curator of Queer Art Night South Africa, a sessional lecturer in performance and is currently touring locally and internationally with the following works #FemmeInPublic, Down To Earth and Pink Money.

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Performance Artist: Sthembile Mzesane
Performance Title: Falling, 2017
Duration: 8,5 minutes

Sethembile Msezane is a South African artist living and working in Cape Town. Working in performance, photography, and sculpture, Msezane maps out how the process of commemorative practice informs constructions of history, mythmaking, and ultimately addresses the absence of the black female body in the monumentalisation of public spaces.

By examining past and present representations of black women in South African public and private domains, Msezane focuses on the omission of iconic black women in history and mythology. She employs strategies of creating self-definition that are deeply rooted in looking at her own past, be it through spirituality or relearning South African history and its alternate narratives. In her practice this has been a process of connecting and acknowledging her ancestry, as well as seeking out the stories of other women on this continent, as a millennial contributing to an archive of their histories.

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Artist: Andrew Tshabangu
Photographs of late South African jazz musician Zim Ngqawana

Andrew Tshabangu is a South-African photographer, born in Soweto in 1966. His photography has been exhibited internationally in various exhibitions. Tshabangu is renowned for his surreal smoky lighting, documents the rituals of black communities in urban Africa. Tshabangu is fascinated by the fact of photographing interiors of living spaces without the physical presence of the inhabitants.

His black and white photographs of Zim Ngqawana show the late jazz legend in an intimate series. Known as one of South Africa’s pre-eminent contemporary jazz composer and performer, he kept his music rooted in indigenous sounds.

With this viewing we want to celebrate the two artists and their outstanding works in photography and music.

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